Inspiration for 2020

 🎶 The fox & his wife (without any strife), cut up the goose with a fork and a knife.🎶 
As I have mentioned before, 2019 was a pleasant year for me as an artist. If the inspiration stuck to do something, I prioritized it until I got it done (or at least got it out of my system.) By intentionally embracing that, I can now look back through photos of everything I created last year and acknowledge which pieces felt most fulfilling to me.

My book, “Doggos A to Z” was super inspiring, of course, and I’m very proud of it, but apart from that, the kind of art I most enjoy creating are the pieces that give you the feeling that they were pulled straight out of a story. This isn’t some sort of epiphany - if you have been around a while you know that it’s been a consistent pattern since I began selling my art as my full time job in 2009, and I'm excited to lean into the inspiration this year.

One of the very first necklaces I ever painted (I think it was literally the first or second one I painted), was a mother duck with her little ducklings trodding along behind her, (inspired by “Here Come the Ducklings” ) and it is still one of my favorite necklaces I have made.

Consistently my favorite pieces are the ones that tell a story - actually that make you curious what story they were plucked from. From my “Mr Fox” series over the years, to the recent Box Painting collections with the same inspiration, they are the pieces that I can honestly say I enjoy the most.


It’s my goal to step even further into that in 2020 and really embrace it. I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride!

Heather Kent 

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