Small art studio spaces & inspiration, encouragement to those with limited room to create

Recently I have heard several people comment that the lack of space to create is what is holding them back from following their creative passions. First, I want to say that I’m not denying the legitimacy of these particular cases, but I do want to say that there’s *almost always* a way to make it work, even in the case of small space living.

This photo is the extent of my studio space, (not shown - the chaos to the left, right, under and behind this little set up). My space to create is less than 4 feet of table (my husband has the other half for his office space) in our small bedroom that backs right up to the foot of our bed.  I’m not posting this to complain (though of course I am looking forward to the day I have more space), but to show that you don’t have to have a ton of room to start following your creative passions. (Unless of course you are a ceramicist, no encouragement there, heh).

Since I started this little art business 10 years ago, I have been on a card table in the living room, a slightly bigger card table in the dining room, then back into the bedroom, just fitting my space into any place I can find, based on where we were in life and our family-growing-process.

Yes, we sacrifice having a Pinterest-worthy bedroom: there are boxes of my first published book instead of a chic chair, packing supplies are stacked on top of my dresser instead of a cute house plant and other various handmade decor, and more stacks of supplies get moved from my desk to the bed & back to the desk every day to make space. I must say, it also keeps me thankful that my creative passion is *SMALL* art. It also probably helps keep *SMALL* art as my creative passion.

Those of you who want to pursue your creative dreams in the new year, please don’t let the “lack of space” keep you from it.

Ok, so along the same lines, but definitely transitioning from the “encouraging other creatives” to the “I’m amazing” category: do you see how small that laptop screen is? That’s what I used to create my “Doggos A to Z” book. When I started, I knew nothing about how to make a book, and I did it all on that tiny little laptop - from the researching, to the editing, to the formatting. That’s honestly probably what I’m most proud of in the whole process, and I had to toot my own horn a little.

This wraps up my first blog post, thanks for reading, now go create (or admire) some art! 

Heather Kent 
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  • TOOT that horn, girl! proud of all you accomplished in 2019, and even more excited to see what you do in 2020!

  • You were talking to ME!!! Thanks for the blog post!!!


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